Letting go

2 min readJan 27


One of the hardest things is to let go of a powerful or meaningful connection that didn’t work.

To have the impulse of wanting to share exciting news or some silly/weird/funny thing that happened that day with someone you don’t talk to or can’t talk to anymore has to be one of the saddest things ever.

Missing someone who you still love but is not in a relationship with you anymore is hard. But holding onto it and refusing to let go in order to move on can make your life even harder.

If you are still struggling with it, I would like to share 4 ways to cope with it:

#1: Write about it

Get it out of your system but in a way that you can better reflect and understand the feeling behind it.

#2: Be grateful

There is a reason why some people are not in our lives anymore. Try to focus on the gratitude of having had that person in your life and think about the new things that have come to your life now that that person is gone.

#3: Focus on something else

If the feeling gets too intense or painful, try to take distance from it by focusing on something else, like your breathing. Soon the moment will pass, and the pain will dissolve too.

#4: Embrace the new you

One of the scariest things about losing someone close is missing how they made you feel. You may even think that they took with them a part of you, but even if that was true, there is so much more of you to discover and grow that needs to be embraced.


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