On the look for red flags

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When we navigate dating nowadays, we must look for any red flags early to protect ourselves from abusive or toxic relationships. Or at least that is what most online advice gurus will say, but how aware are we of our red flags?

Here is a quick guide to being aware of your red flags. The intention is for you to work on them so you can develop better and more fulfilling relationships.

#1: Be aware of your insecurities.

And how you cope with them. Do you blame others? Do you get jealous? Do you try to impose overstepping limits towards the other? Do you belittle the other to make yourself feel better?

It’s ok to have insecurities, but we must work on them. It’s our responsibility to be at peace with our perception of value. Remember, self-esteem is your self-reputation, and you are the first to convince yourself about how much you are worth.

#2: Have clarity about your necessities.

Sometimes we can act as if the other person can guess what we need, and we may get lucky once or twice, but this is not a recipe for success. Being clear of your necessity to connect or bond before advancing in a relationship will help you communicate it to the other person, set boundaries and better filter those people you choose to date.

#3: Set boundaries, kindly.

Dating nowadays is complex. Have empathy towards you and for the people who cross your path. Set boundaries early on, with respect, especially for you. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away, go along with the heat of the moment, and do things that we regret later. And I don’t refer only to sex. I mean allowing the other person to overstep you or prioritise the other person’s needs before your own.

Honestly, I wish someone had told me these 3 things when I started dating.

But I’m at least glad I can pass them along to you.

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