The Simplest Way To Overcome Loneliness

2 min readJan 21, 2023

Everyone struggles with loneliness.

Before jumping into the adventure of being a digital nomad (or a travelling homeless, as I sometimes call it), I rarely felt lonely. But now, there are times when working remotely from a new city can be a solitaire experience.

At first, I would do what most digital nomads do when feeling lonely. No, it’s not always Tinder or Bumble BFF, but trying to be around people: working from a coffee shop, staying in a hostel, taking a walking tour, signing up for a local gym…but it didn’t seem enough.

And don’t get me wrong; I made many friends by doing the things I just listed, but there were days when meetings and desk work wouldn’t let me have much time to socialise. Time differences could complicate calling a friend in another region, so those days could be challenging, especially if it is a hard week.

But what finally made the change was at a time when I felt out of sorts. I realised that there might be days and maybe weeks like that. But that loneliness I felt was just an idea, a concept, an illusion. I had myself. I could journal and write about what I disliked and learnt about the day or watch a fantastic documentary of those I only enjoy because they amuse my weird taste. I had my family and friends that cared about me, and maybe one or two of them were feeling somewhat similar so I would write them a text with no expectation of an immediate reply. But most importantly, I was surrounded by the present moment, which felt comforting and infinite.

So next time you feel lonely, the simplest way to overcome it, in my experience is by dwelling on the present moment and instead of rejecting the feeling of loneliness, embracing its opportunities.

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